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We develop personal and professional websites for a variety of genres, each designed and tailored to meet individual needs.

Personal websites

In the past, personal websites were for celebrities, public speakers, and other individuals appearing in the media. Today, Personal Biographics makes it possible for everyone to have a global presence, tailored to your interests, needs, or objectives. For example, an artist wanting to showcase their art, a craftsman wishing to provide examples of their projects, or a writer aspiring to share their stories or illustrate their abilities.

Personal biographic website of organic vegan farmer Clarence Baber | Click to learn more...

Heritage websites

Heritage websites are developed to provide lasting memories of individuals for future generations. Sites can be managed to appear online in perpetuity for a given period of time. For example, a site can be placed into a trust that ensures its upkeep and management for 20 years or more.

Personal Biographics works with individuals and families to archive and format family photos and genealogical records. We'll develop an appropriate system of file and database management to organize documents, images, videos, and other family records based on the client's needs.

Heritage website design may include photos, genealogical records, and audiovisual recordings | Click to see sample footage...

Academic and professor websites

Personal websites for academics and educators include those for teachers, professors, and researchers, and webpages can be developed for an individual with one or more areas of expertise.

  • Teacher's websites can offer lessons, lesson plans, downloads for materials and links to key information sources and videos.
  • Professor's websites may go a step further, featuring lecture series, publications, and current projects and research.
  • Research websites may feature outstanding projects, such as collaborative works with other academics, and serve to raise interest, support, or funding for a project.

Dr. Steven Martin's educational website | Click learn more...

Students and young professionals

Websites for undergraduate, masters, and PhD students showcase educational accomplishments, projects, degrees, and research. A well-developed and well-presented student website serves as a working resume, signaling potential colleges, university admission boards, and scholarship committees that you can write and have unique accomplishments. It may also serve in landing a great internship or open a door to an employment opportunity. The website can continue to develop after graduation.

Student websites for all ages and backgrounds

Ethnographic research and film

An ethnographic webpage can tell the personal history and life story of an outstanding individual from an ethnolinguistic group. It may aim to represent an indigenous people and culture, to preserve and share indigenous knowledge, music and dance, or to bring awareness to social, community, or other issues.

An ethnographic website may also serve as a valuable component of cultural resource management, documenting and conserving oral stories and traditions for future generations.

The Bunun of Taiwan | Click to visit a sample page...

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